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The State Board of Education Support Division issues a newsletter after each board meeting that provides an update of the latest SBOE action. Additionally, news releases issued on behalf of the board are available on this website.


April 2020 includes:

February 2020 includes:


September 2019 includes:

February 2019 includes:

January 2019 includes:


December 2018 includes:

November-December 2018 includes:

September-October 2018 includes:

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June 2018 includes:

April 2018 includes:

February 2018 includes:


November 2017 includes:

September 2017 includes:

June-July 2017 includes:

April 2017 includes:

February 2017 includes:


November 2016 includes:

September 2016 includes:

To receive the newsletter by email, please go to the sign up for updates link on the homepage of the Texas Education Agency website, type in your email address, and click submit. After confirming your email if you are a new subscriber, an email list will come up. Those who already subscribe to a TEA email list will immediately have the email list appear. Select State Board of Education Update in the News and Multimedia section and click on the submit button.


Contact Information

SBOE Support
Phone: (512) 463-9007

TEA Media Relations
Phone: (512) 463-9000