TEASE Overview and Frequently Asked Questions

 TEA Secure Environment (TEASE) is the authentication portal through which many TEA web application users access TEA information resources. 

Who uses TEASE applications? 

Most TEASE users are in school districts or regional education service centers.  TEA employees who manage their program TEASE applications are granted access on an as-needed basis.  

How does a user obtain access to TEASE?

A user must request access to a web application using a request form specific to that application.  Most of these forms are accessible via the TEASE Applications Reference.  Some applications require forms to be printed, signed, and sent to TEA. For newer applications, the entire process can be completed online. The request must be approved by the applicant's manager (or other designated authority) and by the TEA program area responsible for the data.

What does TEA do to set up access?

A unique user name is created for each approved applicant and associated with the required web application. An individual user has only one user name, but may have access to multiple applications. 

How is the applicant notified of his/her new TEASE access, user name and password?

A new user receives e-mail messages that include the user name, password, and instructions. Since access must be approved by both the user's organization head and by TEA, please allow 2 to 3 weeks.

What does the user see when using TEASE?

The first screen the user sees is the TEASE logon screen.  It displays "Welcome!  Please log on."  After the user logs on with his/her authorized user name and password, the user sees the Application List with links to each application the user has permission to access. 

How do users get  help with ACCESS to an application?

If you need help with access to your account, please submit a request to the TEA Help Desk at https://txeduagency.zendesk.com. We respond to help desk inquiries from 7 AM to 6 PM on business days.

How do users get help working WITHIN an application (after logging on)? 

Questions about working WITHIN an application should be directed to the corresponding program area contact listed on the TEASE Applications Reference.