Strong Foundations Framework Grant

This NEW grant opportunity is now open and has two Summer Application deadline options on July 29, 2022, and August 26, 2022.

What is the Strong Foundations Math and Literacy Framework Development Grant?

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is launching a new grant opportunity available to all Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) for school year (SY) 2022–2023 to support school systems in creating and implementing a math or literacy framework. This grant is one component of the broader Strong Foundations Grant Program (Texas Education Code Sec. 29.0881), established through House Bill 4545, 87th Regular Session, 2021, that offers multiple years of LEA support and is intended to increase the percentage of third grade students reading on grade level. LEAs participating in this grant will receive priority access to future TEA planning and implementation supports that are part of the broader Strong Foundations program. 

This Grant Supports School Systems in Creating a Strong Math and/or Literacy Framework Based on Research About How Kids Learn 

TEA is offering the Math and Literacy Framework Development Grant based on feedback from numerous LEAs that it is the most important work they completed to build a strong foundation for strategic planning and change management. The investment in collective learning is grounded in the research of how kids learn in literacy and math, as well as in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). It helps LEAs develop a clear, research-based system of values and guidance, ensure alignment of curriculum and instruction systems, and build the "why" behind instructional changes for all stakeholders. Many LEAs have used this framework to evaluate and improve alignment of instructional materials and professional development supports, while also drawing clear connections to the new changes in the STAAR Redesign

Benefits of the Grant

  • Funding for technical assistance from approved providers to facilitate a collective learning series on the research of how students learn in math or literacy and support stakeholder engagement, project management, and change management throughout the framework development process
  • Opportunity to participate in district leader Communities of Practice to hear progress and approach of other LEAs similar in profile
  • Additional funds LEAs can use flexibly to support stipends for project manager and staff participating in grant activities and/or associated travel costs 
  • Access to exemplars of key deliverables that LEAs can adapt for local context
  • Receive priority for future TEA grant awards aligned to literacy and math supports

When to Apply and Participate

There are two options to apply and participate in the Strong Foundations Math and Literacy Framework Grant so that LEAs may select the option that best fits their local context. Both options allow for continued support following framework creation into the critical areas of adoption, instruction, and assessment.

Current Application Period (Open Summer '22) - LEAs develop framework during SY 2022–2023

The first option supports LEAs who want to develop framework during SY 2022–2023. This will allow LEAs to access additional implementation supports TEA plans to make available as part of a future winter grant cycle for SY 2023–2024. The summer 2022 application open and closing dates are as follows:

  • June 22, 2022 – Summer Application opens
  • July 29, 2022 – First Closing Date 
  • August 26, 2022 – Second Closing Date 

The first closing date will allow LEAs to start grant activities earlier in the school year, but both closing dates set LEAs up on an ideal timeline to implement their framework and aligned supports during SY 2023–2024.

TEA will process and award applications after each closing date and announce awards within two weeks. TEA has reserved LEA slots for each closing date listed above to ensure there is funding available to award LEAs, based on their selection.

Future Application Period (Open Winter '22) - LEAs develop framework during SY 2023–2024

The second option supports districts who want to delay the start of this work until summer of 2023 into SY 2023–2024 to support changes they want to make in SY 2024–2025. A Winter Application will open in late 2022 for LEAs who prefer this timing option.

Application Process

1. Submit this short Notice of Intent Form if you plan to apply. This will help us determine if we can offer additional learning supports while the grant application is open.  

2. Learn about the grant! The grant application itself does not include narrative responses and is designed to support all interested LEAs in applying. TEA strongly encourages LEAs to spend time learning about the grant assurances to ensure the LEA is ready and committed to meet the grant requirements. See below for numerous opportunities to learn more.  

3. Apply! Before starting the application, please download and review the district assurances (see link below) for this grant opportunity.

Apply Here Now

Helpful Resources

Opportunities to Learn More 

Note: TEA will record all sessions and post them here after the session date.

Grant Overview Webinars 

View the Strong Foundations Math and Literacy Framework Development Grant Overview Webinar, which covers an overview of the grant, key district benefits, requirements, timelines, and FAQs.

District Panels 

Join sessions to hear from districts who have recently developed a math/literacy framework and/or are starting some of this work. They will share their experiences, why they invested in this work and how it has helped them to better serve students. 

Register for District Panel on August 18, 2022, at 12:00 p.m. CT

Research Learning Series 

Join a literacy and/or math research overview series to learn about research topics that districts can more deeply explore within their district as a part of this grant.  

Math Research-Based Topics  

Register for Math Research-Based Learning Session on August 19, 2022, 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. CT

Reading Language Arts Research-Based Topics  

Register for RLA Research-Based Learning Session on August 25, 2022, 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. CT

Schedule a Consultation

LEA leadership may schedule a 1:1 consultation with the team to discuss your local context and needs. Schedule a Strong Foundations Math and Literacy Framework Development Grant Consult with TEA.  


“We looked at our data and realized something needed to change. What we had been doing in the past clearly wasn’t working, especially in literacy. As a district, we decided to prioritize revisiting and relearning what research says about how students learn literacy. This led us to develop an updated Literacy vision and framework that has become the foundation and guide for how we make all key decisions. When we face challenges, we come back to this framework, and it helps us find a path forward.” – CAO

“We have made lots of changes to respond to the COVID learning loss. Teachers and leaders are tired, and we can’t push one more thing on them without their buy-in and support. When we stepped back and focused on the research, they were able to understand the WHY behind the changes we were piloting.” – CAO

“[Our district’s literacy framework] was a 162-page document that we knew most people didn’t even know existed. We also knew that for a teacher to be successful in our old framework, they had to be an expert. In our current landscape, with more new teachers than ever, that just wasn’t feasible or possible. We knew we need to take a step back to revisit the research on how kids learn literacy. We created a district literacy committee and went through a collective learning series which led to some big shifts in thinking. We developed a new one-page literacy vision and framework, and just voted as a district to fully adopt this. Many teachers and leaders feel a new sense of excitement because they understand the direction we need to go.” – Director of C&I


LEAs may submit any outstanding questions to TEA: Strong Foundations Math and Literacy Framework Development Grant District Questions or contact for more information about this grant opportunity.

Technical assistance providers interested in applying to become an approved provider for this grant may find more information on the Technical Assistance Provider Information page.