Out-of-State Test Exemptions

Exemption of Texas tests for eligible individuals certified outside the state of Texas.
FAQ's for test exemptions 

Out-of-State Tests

 Individuals interested in seeking an exemption from required Texas examinations must submit:

  1. A review of credentials application and $164 fee, and all required documentation as indicated on the application.
  2. Official verification of tests taken for issuance of licensure outside of Texas. This may be submitted to TEA by either option below:
    (a) Contact your state licensing agency so they can fill out the Verification of tests for test exemption (PDF) form (Word version also available).
    (b) Submit official test score reports.
    • Official test score reports sent directly from the testing company to TEA
    • Official test score reports in a sealed envelope, sent from the testing company to the educator and forwarded to TEA
    • Official test score reports sent from the educator via Help Desk Ticket with “Official Test Scores” in the subject line.
  3.  Verification of experience completed and submitted by email to OSC75@tea.texas.gov by the employing school, verifying required years of experience: 
    • Classroom teachers: 1 academic year of verifiable, wage-earning, full-time experience as a classroom teacher
    • Administrator and student service certificates: 2 academic years of verifiable, wage-earning, full-time experience in the certificate area.
    • Verification of experience for test exemptions (PDF) (Word version also available).
  4. Verification of accreditation is required if service was earned in a private school or in any school outside of the United States.  

TEA will not accept verification forms directly from the educator.

Certification earned based on experience or coursework does not exempt the educator from Texas tests.

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) tests are accepted for certification testing requirements in Texas. You must also hold a standard certificate in a corresponding subject area and grade level that was issued by your state department of education. You must request official verification of National Board Certified Teacher status by contacting NBPTS at Customer Support (800) 228-3224. Teachers with an active National Board certificate may be eligible to earn an automatic Recognized designation through the Texas Teacher Incentive Allotment and generate between $3,000 and $9,000 annually for their district. NBCTs moving to Texas from out of state must update their information in the NBCT directory to receive the Recognized designation.