LSG Workshop Testimonials

The Lone Star Governance workshop is a conversation about governance behaviors that improve student outcomes. It draws from governance-related research and promising practices from the participants’ individual, diverse experiences. The underlying belief is that leadership matters; leaders’ choices have the power to transform students' lives. The workshop explores governance behaviors borne by this belief.


 Dr. Rod Schroder, Interim Superintendent, Midland ISD

“The Lone Star Governance Workshop training was transformational for our district.  Our board of trustees and the Teaching and Learning Team participated together in developing a vision and a solid and meaningful set of goals for our district.  This unifying experience has given our district a tangible direction forward.  Based upon our experience, I would strongly encourage other boards and district staff to participate in this training.”

Angelina Osteguin, Board of Trustees, South San Antonio ISD  

“I really enjoyed the training. The value for me was the explanation and definition of the word integrity and how it relates to me in the board room. The experience of talking about a particular behavior I demonstrated and reflecting on it with a colleague of mine from a different board. And then the realization that this other board member had a similar experience and was able to reflect and then be discussed with no judgment. With putting no blame on someone else but ourselves.  This training brought about a unity I was not expecting and the best part was that my whole board experienced and participated willingly in the same exercise for themselves.”

Imelda Allen, Board of Trustees, Crystal City ISD  

“The Lone Star Governance training has given us a new focus on improving student outcomes.” 

Rhonda Skillern-Jones, Board of Trustees, Houston ISD  

“As a trustee, I have always known my role in governance. This training provides a universally adaptable framework with which our Board has been able to build a workable and scalable model of governance from.”

Rick Davis, Board of Trustees President, Midland ISD  

“I have been a school board member since 2008 and the Lone Star Governance Workshop was easily the best training I have ever received.  It has been particularly exciting for us to work on implementing what we learned.  I encourage every board member to take advantage of this excellent opportunity.”

Sandra Dowdy, Interim Superintendent, Nacogdoches ISD  

“The Lone Star Governance workshop will challenge you!  With more than 40 years in education, I was skeptical.  I left with excitement and a renewed energy.  The collaboration with our trustees has improved and we are focused on one objective – improving student outcomes.  This is a different TEA than I have known in the past – the implementation timeline and evaluation tools are valuable resources as we work together to develop out goals and constraints!  I am sending more staff to experience this workshop! It’s about accountability and ownership!  Taking the time to review the past helped us to identify the obstacles and opportunities to improve.  Identifying behaviors that made achieving our vision difficult and changing our mindset so we can achieve the growth and success we want.  The workshop helped us develop a roadmap on how to achieve our vision.  Truly a dynamic workshop – highly recommend!”

Steve Green, President, Board of Trustees, Nacogdoches ISD  

“The workshop was inspiring!  As board members we are elected to reflect our community values and vision.  Everyone says they are focused on student outcomes and then the challenges come… school buses, contracts, employees… the workshop gave us a supportive space to learn how to stay focused on student outcomes while developing targeted, measurable goals and constraints.  It gave us the tools we needed to transform our schools.”

Dr. Marty Crawford, Superintendent, Tyler ISD  

“Lone Star Governance training has made a tremendous impact on our work, where the actions of the board of trustees results in clear direction for our administration. Our introspective resulted in changed adult behaviors and a new targeted, simplified vision: successful student outcomes.” 

Pat Atkins, Board of Trustees, Waco ISD  

“The Lone Star Governance training is powerful. Deputy Commissioner Crabill clearly presents a continuous improvement framework for governance that focuses solely on student outcomes. Perhaps more importantly, he has clearly conveyed that TEA wants to partner with us in addressing the challenges we face as a district.”

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