Charter Schools - Reports

The following reports contain information about charter schools in Texas.

Charter Reports

The reports listed below contain information on charters at the district level.

Campus Map and Reports

The map and reports in this section reference charter school campuses.

The Texas Education Directory (AskTED) Reports page has detailed reports on open-enrollment charter schools:

  1. Choose Charter School reports in the Select Category field.
  2. Select the report titled All-Active Open Enrollment Charter Schools.
  3. Choose the sorting criteria.  For example, if you want to locate charter schools in your county, choose County Name in the Sort by field.
  4. Choose the report format.  To view or print, select Formatted Report.  To export a report, select Data Only Formatted for Export.  Then click Run Report.
  5. To print the file, click on the Print icon on the light blue bar at the top of the report; it resembles a printer.  If you are exporting the file, click on the Export button on the same bar; it resembles a box with an arrow coming out and bending to the right and will be two icons to the right of the Print icon.  When you export the file, if you wish for an Excel version that can be sorted, select Microsoft Excel Workbook Data-only.

    Other Helpful Data and Reports

    More sources for information about charters.

    If you have any questions about the information on this page, contact the Charter School Authorizing and Administration Division by email at  or by phone at (512) 463-9575.