Hearings and Appeals, Electronic Filing Portal

All appeal filings for the Hearings and Appeals Division may be filed electronically using the e-filing link below. 


If you are filing a new case, please enter “NEW” as the docket number.

The e-filing system submits the filings to the division of Hearings and Appeals only; therefore, all filers are required to separately serve parties with a courtesy copy of any filings submitted to TEA using the e-filing system. 

This service does not require registration and is free of charge to use. 

The max file size for each file is capped at 100MB, due to technical limitations.  If you have any issues or your attachment is larger than 100MB, please submit it by email to Christina.Eischens@TEA.Texas.gov or contact Christina Eischens at 512-463-0489 to make other arrangements.


Contact Information

For questions, please contact Christina Eischens, Office of the General Counsel, Division of Hearings and Appeals at Christina.Eischens@tea.texas.gov or (512) 463-0489.