Lone Star Governance

Lone Star Governance (LSG) is an optional, first-of-its-kind training initiative.

Founded on research, LSG is a continuous-improvement model for governing teams—boards in collaboration with their superintendents—who choose to focus intensely on only one primary objective: Improving student outcomes.

The purpose of Lone Star Governance is to provide coaching and support, through a continuous-improvement framework, for school governing teams that choose and commit to intensively focus on the objective to improve student outcomes. Lone Star Governance accomplishes this intense focus through tailored coaching aligned to the five pillars of the Texas Framework for School Board Development: Vision, Accountability, Structure, Advocacy, and Unity. In addition to the primary focus on improving student outcomes, Lone Star Governance provides systems for governing legal and fiscal responsibilities.

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The Components of Lone Star Governance


LSG Workshop

The intention of the Lone Star Governance two-day workshop is to create a supportive space in which governing teams can learn about and can prepare for the commitment to intensely focus on improving student outcomes as described by the Lone Star Governance Integrity Instrument. The workshop is a conversation about researched school board behaviors that improve student outcomes. The Workshop draws from the participants’ respective experiences and their school’s performance. The underlying belief is that leadership matters and that leaders’ choices have the power to be transformative in the lives of our students.


LSG Continual Coaching and Support

Lone Star Governance Coaches are committed to providing continual coaching and support to school boards as they work to implement the behaviors that have been shown to increase student outcomes. The continual engagement between a school board and coach has been shown to make the difference in successful implementation to improve student outcomes.


LSG Training Hours and Certificates

The Lone Star Governance workshop earns School Boards and individual board members continuing education training credit. When all members attend the LSG Workshop, school boards earn credit to satisfy the required annual Team Building, bi-annual Evaluating and Improving Student Performance, additional annual Framework Hours, and earn a School Board LSG Certificate. School Boards, through continual engagement with an LSG Coach, will be supported with all required training and the implementation of best practices to improve student outcomes.

Upcoming 2021 Trainings:

Evaluating & Improving Student Outcomes (EISO)

Trainings are from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and are through Zoom.

October 11 December 13
November 8  

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Lone Star Governance Knowledge & Skills

Trainings are from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and are through Zoom.

October 21 December 16
November 18  

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LSG Workshops

Date Location
November 19 - 20, 2021 Venus

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Contact Information

Lone Star Governance
Phone: (512) 936-1533