Appeals to the Commissioner of Education, Hearings and Appeals Division

Educators that received a notice of proposed contract termination, non-renewal, suspension without pay, and persons aggrieved by actions or decision of any school district board of trustees' grievance decision that violates the school laws of this state or a provision of a written employment contract between the school district and the school district employee may appeal to the Commissioner of Education.


Submitting a complaint to TEA Complaints Management after you have exhausted the local grievance process (Levels One-Three) does not meet requirements of an Appeal to the Commissioner of Education under Texas Education Code § 7.057.  To appeal a grievance please refer to the instructions for filing a 7.057 Appeal.

The Division of Hearings and Appeals does not hear appeals related to educator certifications.  All matters related to educator certification should contact TEA's Educator Certification Division.

All matters related to a complaint should be directed to TEA's Complaint Management Division at (512) 463-3544 or email  

Contact Information

For questions, please contact Christina Eischens, Office of the General Counsel, Division of Hearings and Appeals at or (512) 463-0489.