Languages Other Than English

This languages other than English (LOTE) web page provides clarification, guidance, and support to LOTE stakeholders, including districts, open-enrollment charters, schools, parents, educators, and students, for the development and implementation of the K–12 LOTE Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).


  • LOTE engagement sessions: In February 2024, TEA’s Enrichment staff held its first round of LOTE engagement sessions. These engagement sessions are designed for educators, administrators, and counselors with the goal of highlighting important LOTE topics and commonly asked questions. The next round of LOTE engagement sessions will include the following:
    • Credit by examination (CBE) for LOTE
    • Credentialing for LOTE courses
    • Breakouts: How the structure of the LOTE TEKS affects student expectations

As part of these sessions, opportunities to discuss these topics with other meeting attendees and ask TEA staff questions will also be provided.  These two session opportunities are repeated information.

Registration information for future engagement sessions will be posted on the TEA LOTE webpage.

LOTE Standards

The links below provide access to the web-based version of the LOTE Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), which are the state standards for what students should know and be able to do. You can also access a PDF version of the TEKS.

Instructional Materials

In accordance with Proclamation 2017, a review of instructional materials related to LOTE was conducted in summer 2016. The results of this subject-area review can be found in the Currently Adopted Instructional Materials document on the Instructional Materials Division page.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following documents provide clarifying information. One document pertains to questions having to do with languages other than English education. The second document pertains to questions regarding foreign exchange students.

Related Links

The resources below address various topics related to LOTE programs, standards, and organizations.

Online LOTE courses for students

LOTE courses available through the TXVSN catalog include American Sign Language I and II, Chinese I-III, French I-III, German I-III, Latin I-IV, Spanish I-IV, and Computer Science I and II. For more information, including course fees and bulk pricing options, see the TXVSN website.

Additional Resources

Language Organizations

Contact Information

Curriculum Standards and Student Support

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For questions or additional information, please submit a Curriculum Request Form through the Curriculum Help Desk.

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