Languages Other Than English

This page provides information about general curriculum laws and rules for languages other than English (LOTE) education. Join our mailing list and receive updates.

The Curriculum Standards and Student Support Division provides direction and leadership for the state’s LOTE programs for Kindergarten through grade 12. Staff facilitate various statewide initiatives, including implementation of the LOTE Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and assistance to the Instructional Materials Division for the adoption process for LOTE instructional materials.  Additional responsibilities include maintaining communication with the field related to curriculum, instruction, and assessment, as well as graduation requirements in Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 74.

Curriculum Standards

LOTE curriculum standards can be found at Chapter 114. Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Language Other Than English.  

For detailed information regarding the review of the LOTE TEKS, please visit the TEKS Subject Area Review page.

The revised LOTE TEKS were implemented starting in the 2017-2018 school year.  The revised courses include separate courses for Levels I-VII of classical and modern languages, Levels I-IV of American Sign Language, Advanced Placement® (AP) and International® (IB) courses, and several elective courses.

Instructional Materials

In accordance with Proclamation 2017, a review of instructional materials related to LOTE was conducted in summer 2016.  The results of this subject-area review can be found in the Currently Adopted Instructional Materials document on the Instructional Materials Division page. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The following documents provides clarifying information. One document pertains to questions having to do with languages other than English education.  The second document pertains to questions regarding foreign exchange students.      

Languages Other Than English FAQs

Foreign Exchange Students

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Online LOTE courses for students

 Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN)  

LOTE courses available through the TxVSN catalog include American Sign Language I and II, Chinese I-III, French I-III, German I-III, Latin I-IV, Spanish I-IV, and Computer Science I and II.  For more information, including course fees and bulk pricing options, see the TxVSN website.

Additional Resources 

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Center for Applied Linguistics (outside source)

Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA) (outside source)

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Joint National Committee for Languages & National Council for Languages and International Studies (outside source)

National Association of District Supervisors of Foreign Languages (NADSFL) (outside source)

National Network for Early Language Learning (NNELL) (outside source)

Ñandutí: Foreign Language Learning Grades PreK-8 (outside source)

Southwest Conference On Language Teaching (SWCOLT) (outside source)

Language Organizations

American Association of Teachers of Arabic (outside source)

American Association of Teachers of French (outside source)

American Association of Teachers of German (outside source)

American Association of Teachers of Italian (outside source)

American Association of Teachers of Japanese (AATJ) (outside source)

American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages (outside source)

American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (outside source)

American Classical League (outside source)

American Council of Teachers of Russian/American Council for Collaboration in Education and Language Study (outside source)

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