Texas Elementary Agriculture Education Program

Agriculture Montage


The Texas Education Agency (TEA) provides a free elementary agriculture education program to improve students’ understanding of agriculture. Texas Elementary Agriculture Education Program follows the Texas Education Code, §29.926, Agriculture Education Program.

Agriculture and Natural Resources - Food, Fiber, and Fuel - Agriculture Past and Present



The agriculture education program for kindergarten–grade 5 is organized around three themes:

Each theme was developed through research and collaboration with the Texas Department of Agriculture, Texas Farm Bureau, Texas Corn Producers, and American Farm Bureau.

The student learning outcomes are aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). The resources are intended to supplement the classroom learning activities of the TEKS.

Selected curriculum resources aligned to the student learning outcomes originate from the State Board of Education (SBOE) approved free programs. Most curriculum resources have additional TEKS alignment to aid teachers in lesson planning.

Materials by Grade-Level:

Additional Resources

If you want to use this program in your classroom, you can get support from the organizations in the curriculum. Check out the agriculture resource page for more information.

You can also ask these local contacts for help with lessons or resources:

They can help you arrange field trips or invite agriculture experts to your classroom.