Charter School Incubator


The TEA Charter School Incubator is launching new programs to support different types of leaders in growing the number of high-quality open enrollment (Subchapter D) and in-district (Subchapter C) charter schools in Texas.

If you or a leader you know is interested in this opportunity, please email us at

Program Types

  • Replication and Expansion: For existing single-site charter leaders seeking to replicate or expand, or for any CMO looking to expand to a new region
  • New Charter Incubation for School Leaders: For existing school leaders and leadership team members interested in opening a new charter school 
  • New Charter Incubation for New Leaders: For community leaders, teachers, or those with limited school leadership experience interested in opening a charter school 
  • In-District Charter Incubation: For leaders looking to open a new in-district charter school

What to Expect

While each program varies, participants can generally expect:

  • 5+ months of an intensive cohort experience, focused on vision development and school model planning to ensure a strong application/amendment
  • One year of additional coaching to support a strong school launch
  • For those with prior school leadership experience, access to leadership development programs and tailored support in topics most relevant to you
  • For those with limited school leadership experience, visits and residency experiences at excellent schools + extra support in topics most relevant to you
  • A $100K stipend (+benefits) to support deep engagement in this work

Districts interested in launching new schools can find more information on the School Action Fund page.