State Funding

The Texas Education Agency's State Funding Division is responsible for administering the Foundation School Program (FSP) and wealth equalization provisions of the Texas Education Code. The FSP determines the amount of state and local funding due to school districts under Texas school finance law and provides the state share of this funding to districts. The State Funding Division also produces reports and other data related to school finance. The division is a part of the Department of School Finance.


Contact Information for School Finance Staff Members

The area code for all numbers is 512.

Office of School Finance

Contact Phone # Position/Role
Leo Lopez 463-9179 Associate Commissioner of School Finance
Amy Maynard-Harrison 463-9618 Staff Services Officer of School Finance

State Funding Division

Contact Phone # Position/Role
Main Line 463-9238 General Inquiries
Amy Copeland 463-8732 Director, State Funding
Esther Burnham 475-1217 Manager, Foundation School Program Operations
Cassie Huggins 463-9232 Manager, Foundation School Program Facilities
Namrata Parikh 463-6220 Local Property Value Survey / Tax Collections
Meco Harris 463-6313 Property Tax Programs and Incentives
Dina Black 463-9531 Charter School Funding
Kyley Bettes 463-9737 Charter School Funding/Adult High School Charter School Program
Jim Moore 463-9266 Bond Guarantee Program (BGP) / School Facilities Standards
Kim Wall 463-4809 Excess Local Revenue (Recapture)
Kristi McCorquodale 463-9294 FSP User Access (TEAL) / Optional Programs
Namrata Parikh 463-6220 State Compensatory Education
Oscar Ayala 463-4834 Transportation Funding
Wendell McBride 463-7298 Instructional Facilities Allotment (IFA) / Existing Debt Allotment (EDA)
Whitley Moore 463-9359 New Instructional Facility Allotment (NIFA)

Forecasting & Fiscal Analysis Division

Contact Phone # Position/Role
Sara Kohn 463-9186 Director, Forecasting & Fiscal Analysis
Brent Droll 463-8891 Assistant Director, Forecasting & Fiscal Analysis
Rochelle Kingsley 463-8875 Lead FSP Programmer
Maya Elliott 463-9196 Programmer
Rob Caudill 463-9602 Programmer
Esteban Reyes 463-9613 Programmer
Katherine Heeb 463-9334 Programmer
Soyoung Lee 463-9534 Programmer
Teri-Ann Parise 463-9817 Financial Analyst
Thomas Heil 463-9622 Financial Analyst

Contact Information for Other Texas Education Agency Offices

Office Phone #
Accounting 463-9189
Communications 463-9000
Financial Compliance 463-7059
Formula Funding / Grants 463-8525
Special Education 463-9414
PEIMS 463-9229
Purchasing and Contracts 463-9041
TEA Reception / Phone Info 936-9982
Waivers 463-9630


For more information, contact:

State Funding Division 
1701 North Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78701