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Career and technical education programs offer a sequence of courses that provides students with coherent and rigorous content. CTE content is aligned with challenging academic standards and relevant technical knowledge and skills needed to prepare for further education and careers in current or emerging professions.

Announcement: Public Comment, Programs of Study Refresh

Perkins V is federal legislation requiring states that receive federal CTE funds to align CTE Programs of Study to high-wage, in-demand and high skill occupations. Texas’ State Plan indicates TEA will review Programs of Study every four years to ensure they meet the needs of the Texas workforce.  TEA’s Career and Technical Education team conducted a statewide listening tour and obtained feedback from over 685 participants.  Stakeholder feedback and labor market information analysis was provided to a CTE advisory committee made up of district leaders, teachers, postsecondary staff, and industry leaders.  The CTE advisory committee used this information and feedback to guide recommendations for the Programs of Study Refresh to be implemented during the 2024-2025 school year.

TEA is soliciting additional public comment on the recommendations from July 13, 2023, through August 14, 2023. View Programs of Study Refresh recommendations from the CTE Programs of Study advisory committee for TEA’s 14 Career Clusters. The proposed updates include elements of the 53 currently approved statewide programs of study, two regional programs of study recommended for statewide approval, and four proposed new statewide programs of study.


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New CTE Middle School TEKS in Career and College Exploration

At the April 2023 meeting, the SBOE adopted new CTE middle school Career and College Exploration TEKS, to be implemented beginning with the 2023-2024 school year. The Career and College Exploration TEKS can be offered to satisfy the requirement for each student to receive instruction in high school, college, and career preparation at least once in grade 7 or 8 (Texas Education Code, §28.016). The course replaces the TEKS for Investigating Career and College and Career Readiness.

Effective Date: August 1, 2023

Adopted new 19 TAC, Chapter 127, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Career Development and Career and Technical Education, Subchapter A, Middle School, §127.2, Career and College Exploration [TEKS Update PDF]


NEW Educational AIDE I FAQs



Regional Programs of Study

Congratulations to the the following LEAs in the ESC regions who received 2023/2024 approval for Regional Programs of Study.  

Regional Program of Study LEAs in ESC Regions:
Printing and Imaging

2,18 & 20

Industrial Maintenance

3 & 11


1,2,14,16, & 18

Drone (Unmanned Flight)

2,5,6,10, & 20



The following updates have been made to program of study framework documents:

  • TBD Course: Practicum in Early Learning, 13014520 (Early Learning POS)
  • Health Informatics, 13020960 (Health Informatics POS) has a prerequisite change.  Now only Medical Terminology is a prerequisite.  
  • Instructional Practices, 13014400 (Teaching and Training POS) has a prerequisite change.
  • TBD Course: Healthcare Administration and Management, 13020962 (Health Informatics POS) Name change. (was Healthcare Information Systems and Management)
  • TBD Course: Pharmacy II, 13021030 (Healthcare Therapeutic POS)
  • TBD Course:  Respiratory Therapy I, 13021120 (Medical Therapy POS)
  • TBD Course:  Leadership and Management in Nursing, 13021225 (Nursing Science POS)
  • TBD Course:  Medical Assistant, 13021015 (Healthcare Therapeutic POS)

*Please find the TEKS in TAC Chapter 127 on our TEKS card.  



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For Education Service Center Regional Support, please contact the appropriate ESC CTE Specialist included in the listing below: 

ESC CTE Contacts (Word Doc, updated 7/18/2023)