Reports and Data

Early Childhood Data System

Prekindergarten Longitudinal Study:  A recent analysis of eligible Texas students who participated in public Pre-K in 1999 showed them today persisting in college at a 6.8 percent higher rate than their peers who were eligible, but did not attend public Pre-K


Texas Public Education and Information Reports

See the High Quality PreK Case Study created by the Texas Comprehensive Center.

To run a report on the prekindergarten enrollment for the state of Texas visit this page of the Texas Public Education Information Resource.


Texas Public Prekindergarten Class Size and Student-to- Teacher Ratio Study

During the 84th Legislative Legislation session, the Legislature passed House Bill 4 (HB 4).  Within HB 4, was a provision requesting a study be conducted to better understand the relationship between quality and class size and student-to-teacher ratios in prekindergarten.

Texas Public Prekindergarten Class Size and Student-to-Teacher Ratio Study (ICF International)(PDF, 1.5 MB)