Student Discipline

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Student Discipline in Texas

Texas public schools are required to develop and enforce various student discipline policies that follow Texas Education Code and federal law, including a student code of conduct outlining disciplinary actions taken based on student behavior. The Texas Education Agency's (TEA) Student Discipline Program provides guidance to local education agencies (LEAs) and regional education service centers on these disciplinary policies and procedures as well as discipline data reporting requirements outlined in the Texas Education Data Standards.

Bullying Prevention Policies and Procedures

Texas Education Code (TEC), §37.0832(c), requires school districts to adopt policies and procedures concerning bullying prevention. TEC, §12.104(b)(3)(Q), also subjects open-enrollment charter schools to this requirement. Senate Bill 2050, 87th Texas Legislature, Regular Session, 2021, added TEC, §37.0832(c-1), which requires the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to adopt minimum standards for the bullying prevention policies and procedures adopted under TEC, §37.0832(c). TEA finalized its Minimum Standards for Bullying Prevention Policies and Procedures (see link below) January 31, 2023.

Student Discipline Program

TEA's Student Discipline Program created a sample form, the Alternative Education Program (AEP) Individualized Student Transition Plan, based on Section 37.023, Education Code, that LEAs can use to assist students transitioning from alternative education programs back to the regular classroom.