2016-2017 School Health Survey

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March 9, 2018


Subject: 2016-2017 School Health Survey

The Texas Education Code (TEC), §38.0141, requires TEA to collect data relating to student health and physical activity from each school district/open-enrollment charter school. The School Health Survey has been developed for this purpose. The data gathered will allow the agency to better address the various health-related needs of Texas public schools and students statewide.

The survey is expected to take approximately 15-30 minutes to complete. This survey must be completed online and can be submitted only once for each school district and/or open-enrollment charter school. Your responses should reflect the entire 2016-2017 academic year and may require you to work with other colleagues within your district to completely answer the survey questions. You may wish to copy the questions and complete the answers in a text document before entering your responses online. A copy of the survey questions is attached for your convenience.

Please submit data for your district no later than May 7, 2018.

To access the survey, go to >surveymonkey.com/r/schoolhealthsurvey2017.

The online submission requires you to complete the entire survey. To change your responses, simply click on the new response. In some cases, you will need to unclick a previous answer to change the response. To move through the survey, use the previous/next (“Prev”/”Next”) buttons at the bottom of each page. Any question marked with an asterisk (*) requires a response. Upon completing the survey, you may wish to print a copy of your final responses for your records before you click the “Done” button because you will not be able to re-enter the survey to make changes after submitting. After clicking “DONE”, you will receive a pop-up message as your confirmation receipt. You will not receive any other confirmation.

Your input is very valuable and will assist TEA in understanding how your district is implementing school health mandates and other health-related programs and policies.

If you have questions concerning the survey, please contact Barney Fudge, Statewide Coordinator for Student Health and Safety, by phone at (512) 463-9581 or by email at healthandsafety@tea.texas.gov. The TEA thanks you for your time and appreciates your cooperation in support of this important project.

Attachment:  2016-2017 School Health Survey (PDF)