2018–2019 STAAR Interim Assessments Available

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August 6, 2018

To the Administrator Addressed: 

Subject:  2018–2019 STAAR Interim Assessments Available

The purpose of this communication is to notify public school districts and open-enrollment charter schools of the availability of free, optional interim assessments. The STAAR Interim Assessments provide actionable data to help educators improve instruction.

The online interim assessment tool will be available from the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year through the spring for any district or charter school to use at their discretion. To use this assessment tool, districts and charter schools need to register students in the STAAR Assessment Management System. Permission or confirmation from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) is not required.

Interim assessments may be adopted at the district, campus, or classroom level. These assessments are not tied to accountability, and TEA does not have access to any resulting data.

The STAAR Interim Assessments will be available for grades 3–8 reading and mathematics, English I, English II, and Algebra I. Spanish versions will also be available for grades 3–5 reading and mathematics. Reports will be available at the district level, campus level, and student level and will show the likelihood of a student achieving “Approaches”, “Meets”, and “Masters” grade level expectations on STAAR.

Over the next few weeks, ETS will be hosting a series of webinar training opportunities for the interim assessments. Recorded versions of the webinars will be posted for educators who are not able to participate. More information about the upcoming webinars and the STAAR Interim Assessments can be found on TEA’s website at Interim Assessments.

If you have questions about the interim assessments, contact the TEA Student Assessment Division at (512) 463-9536 or studentassessment@tea.texas.gov.


Penny Schwinn
Chief Deputy Commissioner, Academics