2022-23 Texas Reading Academies Implementation

Date:  June 30, 2022
Subject: 2022-23 Texas Reading Academies Implementation Updates
Category: Reading Academies
Next Steps:  Share with staff supporting or completing Reading Academies


Texas Reading Academies support teacher knowledge and implementation of evidence-based practices based on the Science of Teaching Reading (STR), to positively impact student literacy achievement. Reading Academies were intentionally designed to provide choice in implementation to meet local needs and priorities. School districts and open-enrollment charter schools must ensure that not later than the 2022-2023 school year, each classroom teacher in kindergarten or first, second, or third grade and each principal at a campus with kindergarten or first, second, or third grade has attended a reading academy, per Texas Education Code (TEC), §28.0062(2)(A). 

Teachers and administrators will have a variety of options through which to meet the Texas Reading Academies requirement as program adjustments will make Reading Academies more flexible, more efficient, and more effective. To learn about updates to Texas Reading Academies that support Year 3 (2022-23 school year) implementation please view the summary of changes on the Reading Academies page of the Texas Education Agency (TEA) website. This TAA provides more detail on the updates provided in that presentation, including dates for changes that are not yet in effect.

Reading Academies are More Flexible:

  1. Districts may allow certain teachers to attempt to demonstrate knowledge without completing modules first

    NEW Demonstrated Proficiency Option: Individuals with an advanced understanding of the science of teaching reading, a proven track record of consistently high student proficiency, and outstanding performance on teacher evaluations may demonstrate their knowledge and expertise without having completed a full 12-module academy through the new demonstrated proficiency option that will be available during the following windows: August 15-26, 2022, and October 10-21, 2022. For additional detail related to this option and future announcement of additional dates, please visit https://tea.texas.gov/academics/early-childhood-education/reading/hb-3-reading-academies and select “More flexible” under “Year 3 Updates.”
  2. Teachers who passed the STR exam will not have to complete all reading academies module content

    NEW Science of Teaching Reading (STR) Pathways: For educators who have earned the STR certification, the streamlined options in both ELAR and Biliteracy will be available with cohort launches in October 2022 and January 2023. The STR pathways will allow STR-certified educators to complete a shorter version of the reading academies. Administrators may wish to enroll new teachers in a January 2023 cohort to allow time during the first half of the year for other new teacher priorities. While not all authorized providers are required to offer these new pathways, a list of authorized providers that have confirmed their intent to offer STR pathways in 2022-2023 is available at https://tea.texas.gov/academics/early-childhood-education/reading/hb-3-reading-academies. Select “More flexible” under “Year 3 Updates."
  3. Participants with extenuating circumstances will continue to have additional time to complete academies

    Participants with extenuating circumstances will continue to have additional time to complete academies. Administrators should contact their authorized provider for additional information specific to a participant’s situation. The current list of Reading Academies Authorized Providers is located here.
  4. Teachers who have passed the STR exam and only teach math will be eligible for a waiver from the Reading Academies requirement

    NEW STR-Certified Math Teacher Waiver: Districts and charter schools that wish to request a waiver of Texas Reading Academies for mathematics teachers who have passed the STR exam can do so through this application now. Districts and charter schools will need to provide basic information in the application, a screenshot showing the teacher’s STR certification, and an assurance that the teacher will only teach mathematics in the 2022-23 school year. 

Reading Academies are More Efficient:

  1. Content has been streamlined to ensure actual seat time accurately reflects projected seat time

    Some content has been made optional. For example, Module 3 content is now optional. This streamlined content is now live for all Year 3 pathways and all cohorts.
  2. Cohort leaders are no longer required to grade artifacts

    This change has taken place, allowing cohort leaders to dedicate their time to support teachers as they complete the Texas Reading Academies.
  3. Districts will be able to verify reading academies completion

    Districts and charter schools can now verify reading academies completion on the TEA website at https://tea.texas.gov/reading-academies-search

Reading Academies are More Effective:

Authorized providers will have more resources and recommendations for supporting the strong local implementation planning with districts. For examples of how to best support teachers who will participate in reading academies during Year 3, visit https://tea.texas.gov/academics/early-childhood-education/reading/hb-3-reading-academies and select “More effective” under “Year 3 Updates" to view a webinar recording. 

Additional Help

If you have questions regarding requirements or implementation options related to the reading academies, please submit them to the Support Portal for assistance.