Career & Technical Education Programs of Study 

Date:  September 5, 2019      
Subject: Career & Technical Education Programs of Study 
Category: Informational 
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The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has released the 2020-2021 Statewide Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs of study on the CTE webpage. Programs of study are course sequences that prepare students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in their chosen career. These sequences embed relevant, real world experiences and culminate in a postsecondary credential. 
The Division of College, Career, and Military Preparation met with CTE stakeholders across Texas to collect feedback on the proposed statewide programs of study during a listening tour and through the public comment process. Public comment on the proposed statewide programs of study was open from June 3rd through July 16th, and approximately 1,000 responses were submitted. These responses were analyzed by TEA staff, and updates to the statewide programs of study were made based upon this feedback. Stakeholders will see revisions such as adding Technology Applications courses to the sequences and keeping the STEM career cluster as two of the larger updates made to the final programs of study.
Answers to frequently asked questions and program of study at-a-glance documents are also available on the CTE webpage to assist stakeholders in their review of the programs of study. Final versions of the graphic one-page resources will be released later in September. These resources will support school districts with their course offerings and provide assistance to counselors, teachers, and administrators in their conversations with students on scheduling and the benefit of these CTE sequences. 
If you have additional questions regarding programs of study, contact Ryan Merritt at

Ryan Merritt
Director, Career & Technical Education 
Texas Education Agency