ESC Superintendent Survey

Date:  November 21, 2019  
Subject: ESC Superintendent Survey
Category: Survey 
Next Steps:  Superintendents to complete survey  


Regional education service centers (ESCs) are critical partners in our shared goal for all Texas students to be prepared for success in college, career or the military. ESCs provide essential supports to districts, campuses and educators in service of this goal. 

To ensure that these stakeholders are receiving the support they need, ESCs are committed to a cycle of reflection and improvement.  As such, each year the Commissioner solicits feedback on the ESCs through a client satisfaction survey that is administered by the University of Texas Organizational Excellence Group.  

House Bill 674 of the 86th Legislative Session requires two new questions regarding: (1) reliance of the district on the ESC for assistance in complying with state education laws and rules; and (2) specific state education laws where compliance is the most burdensome or expensive.  This information will be requested in Section 6 of the survey.  Any information collected for this purpose may not be used in the annual evaluation of an ESC.

Every Texas school district superintendent and charter school director will receive an email in the near future.  Specifics of the email are as follows:

  • The subject line will read “Annual Client Satisfaction Survey of Regional Service Center and Executive Directors”
  • The sender is 

I encourage each superintendent and charter school administrator to complete the survey by December 16, 2019. If you have questions about this survey process, please contact the executive director of your ESC.

Mike Morath