High-Impact Tutoring Implementation Workshop Series

Date:  May 27, 2021
Subject: High-Impact Tutoring Implementation Workshop Series
Category: Strong Start 21-22
Next Steps:  Complete letter of interest


The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is excited to announce the High-Impact Tutoring Implementation Workshop Series, a training program designed for local education agencies (LEAs) interested in implementing a high-impact tutoring program.

High Impact Tutoring Implementation Workshop Series Overview

Early data indicates that school closures and disruptions in school year (SY) 19-20 and SY 20-21 are likely to result in unfinished learning for many students statewide, making multi-year recovery and acceleration supports even more crucial. As LEAs consider how to best facilitate learning acceleration, many are considering high-impact tutoring, as there is strong evidence that high-impact tutoring is one of the most effective ways to increase learning gains for students.

Often referred to as high-dosage tutoring, high-impact tutoring leads to substantial learning gains for students by supplementing students’ classroom experiences. It responds to individual needs and complements students’ existing curriculum.

Characteristics of high-impact tutoring programs include:

  • Well-trained, consistent tutors who builds strong relationships with students
  • High-quality instructional material aligned to standards and core classwork
  • One-to-one or small groups for individualized support
  • Embedded in the school day or immediately before or after to maximize student access
  • Data-driven, utilizing aligned formative assessments, with tutors building sessions around student strengths and needs

LEAs interested in implementing a high-impact tutoring program are invited to participate in the High-Impact Tutoring Implementation Workshop Series. We understand that many LEAs are building tutoring programs from the ground up to meet unfinished learning needs or dramatically improving or expanding tutoring programs. Thus, TEA has structured this month-long, intensive series of 4-8 workshops to provide step-by-step technical assistance on the key decisions LEAs need to make to stand up high-impact tutoring programs quickly (e.g., securing tutor providers, curriculum, and scheduling).

The training will entail a mix of synchronous and asynchronous support with a cohort of other LEAs to provide opportunities to network with and learn from other LEAs establishing strong tutoring programs for this fall. This training is intended to be repeated for additional cohorts of districts over the course of the summer and early fall.

Eligible Applicants

All Texas LEAs who commit to a high-impact tutoring program are eligible to apply to join the High-Impact Tutoring Implementation Workshop Series.

What Participating Districts Will Receive Benefits

The Workshop Series will select up to 30 applicants for the first cycle of the workshop series, intended to run from June 21st – July 16th (pending final timeline confirmation). Additional applications will be placed on a waitlist and will receive opportunities to participate in later workshop series running July 2021 onward, including potential regional cohorts.

Note: We understand that many LEA central office teams are taking holidays in early July, and we are planning to focus synchronous sessions in June and mid-July accordingly, with more asynchronous supports in early July.

The High-Impact Tutoring Implementation Workshop Series will be led by a technical assistance provider specializing in high-impact tutoring. That provider, in partnership with TEA, will support LEAs to design and implement a high-impact tutoring program.

  • Program supports include:
    • 4-8 synchronous workshop sessions
    • 1-on-1 office hours and customized coaching
    • Cohort-based learning environments, so that LEAs can learn from and with one another
    • Asynchronous supports, tools, and resources

  • The technical assistance provider will support all LEAs that participate in the workshop series to accomplish the following:
    • Solidify the objective of the tutoring program (i.e., what needs are being met?)
    • Choose tutoring program focus areas (subjects and grade levels)
    • Determine roles and responsibilities at the district and campus levels
    • Determine how students will be enrolled in the program
      • Who decides which students are prioritized? (school leaders, teachers, parents)
      • Will the program be required or voluntary?
    • Determine where and when the tutoring sessions will occur
    • Select tutoring provider(s), including obtaining support in considering potential in-person local tutor providers and virtual providers, and considering tutor type (e.g., teacher candidates, paraprofessionals, and community-based nonprofit organization volunteers)
    • Establish a clear structure for pre-service and in-service training, including frequency, format, facilitator, etc.
    • Identify high-quality instructional materials that are aligned to core classroom content
    • Develop a plan for leveraging assessment data to inform and improve tutoring delivery over time
    • Set program goals and develop a performance measurement plan
    • Create a plan for stakeholder engagement, including:
      • A communication structure and system for teachers and tutors to communicate and align on student needs
      • A communication plan to engage with families and guardians

Next Steps

If you are interested in participating in the workshop, complete the High-Impact Tutoring Implementation Workshop application. TEA will then follow up with more information on the workshop series and steps to confirm participation.

Selection Process

The TEA team will review applications for multiple criteria including, but not limited to:

  • Need
  • Cohort regional and demographic diversity
  • Commitment to establishing a tutoring program this fall
  • Commitment to high-impact tutoring principles
  • Ability to commit key staff to the workshop series
  • Application quality and completion

TEA reserves the right to amend or change the above criteria.

Program Application Process and Timeline




May 27

Release: TAA and application are live

June 7

Applications Due: LEAs required to have submitted the application (Google Form) by 5:00 p.m. CT

June 11

Application Status Notification: Accepted and waitlisted LEAs notified of status

June 15

Commitment Forms: Accepted LEAs’ commitment forms due (agreement to complete workshop series, attend synchronous sessions on scheduled dates, and commit to key actions recommended for successful implementation)

June 21 – July 16

Workshop Series Cycle 1: First cohort of up to 30 LEAs completes Workshop Series Cycle 1, including 4-8 synchronous workshop sessions, office hours, and asynchronous supports

Mid-July onward

Workshop Series Cycle 2+: Additional cycles of workshop series support to be offered, depending on continued demand and LEA interest

If you have any questions, please reach out to TexasTutoring@tea.texas.gov