House Bill 3 (HB 3) Implementation: Teacher Appraisal Survey

Date:  October 3, 2019
Subject: Teacher Appraisal Survey 
Category: Teacher Appraisal 
Next Steps:  Action Required of LEA:  Share with appropriate staff 


TEA is issuing a statewide survey for all district and open-enrollment charter schools to complete related to teacher appraisal systems. The agency will use the survey results to plan for the implementation of the House Bill 3’s Teacher Incentive Allotment (TEC 48.112) and the Local Optional Teacher Designation System (TEC 21.3521). 

Survey Context 

The survey asks districts to identify which teacher appraisal rubrics it uses, such as a district-created rubric, the state recommended rubric (T-TESS), or other commercial rubrics. 
The survey also asks what type of student growth measures are used in the district’s appraisal system such as Student Learning Objectives (SLOs), pre- and post-tests, value added measures, or portfolios. It should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete the survey and we are requesting a response from each LEA.

Survey Respondent 

Please appoint one person to complete the survey who is familiar with teacher appraisal and what types of student growth measures your district uses. 

Survey Link:

Next Steps 

  1. Please send this TAA and survey link to the appropriate staff member in your district. 
  2. Direct this staff point person to complete this survey no later than October 31, 2019. 

Should you have any questions, please reach out to us at


Allison Friedlander 
Program Manager, Teacher Leadership & Strategic Compensation 
Division of Instructional Support