House Bill 3 (HB3) Implementation: Reading Practices Update


December 5, 2019 

Subject: House Bill 3 (HB3) Implementation: Reading Practices Update

 Early Childhood Education 

Next Steps: 

Action required of LEA: Share with appropriate staff; 
Action for eligible entities: Apply to become a Reading Academies Authorized Provider 



 House Bill (HB) 3 was passed by the 86th Texas Legislature, 2019, and signed into law by Governor 

Abbott on June 11, 2019. The following areas within HB 3 specifically relate to reading practices: 

  • The Science of Teaching Reading (STR) exam (TEC Sec. 21048 (a-2)) 
  • Reading Standards for Kindergarten Through Third Grade (TEC Sec. 28.0062(a))
    • o Literacy Academies 
    • o Certified Practices
      • Phonics curriculum 
      • Placement of highly effective teachers 
      • Integrated reading instruments 
    • Reading Advisory Board 


On September 12, 2019, the agency released a HB 3 in 30 Reading Practices webinar focusing on the bullets above, along with a PowerPoint and related materials. Visit to watch the Reading Practices webinar. 

HB 3 Reading Practices Updates 

Today, the agency announces a new website dedicated to Reading Practices:, along with a HB 3 Reading Practices Updates webinar providing additional information, including: 

  • A recap of the Reading Academies models 
  • Details regarding Authorized Providers including final costs 
  • A new method for implementing HB 3 Reading Academies in partnership with an Authorized Provider 


Reading Academies Authorized Providers 

A Reading Academies Authorized Provider is an entity—educational service center, local educational agency, institute of higher learning, or other non-profit—that is formally approved by TEA to provide Reading Academies. All Reading Academy Providers must be formally authorized and approved by TEA based on a set of baseline requirements. Eligible providers include ESCs, districts and external organizations. 

The agency has released a noncompetitive grant eligible to all Education Service Centers to become a Reading Academies Authorized Provider. See the TEA Grant Opportunities page for more information. 

Non-ESC entities may apply to be an Authorized Provider through a competitive application process. Eligible entities may visit the Reading Practices web page to access the application and submit a Notice of Intent to Apply to become a Non-ESC Reading Academies Authorized Provider. Entities must demonstrate capacity to execute Reading Academies at time of application. 

To be approved as an Authorized Provider, an entity MUST agree to: 

  • Provide and facilitate HB 3 Reading Academies, including registration, logistical support, and technical assistance. 
  • Follow and implement HB 3 Reading Academies content as designed by TEA. 
  • Ensure all Cohort Leaders pass mandatory hiring screen before leading sessions. 
  • Attend mandatory training as determined by TEA. 
  • Coordinate and fund travel for all Cohort Leaders. 
  • Conduct program evaluation as determined by TEA. 
  • Communicate and respond to TEA information requests. 
  • Conduct outreach to publicize HB 3 Reading Academies. 


Non-ESC entities must demonstrate the capacity to offer four Comprehensive AND eight Blended Cohorts. 

Forthcoming Communications 

On the following timeline, TEA will… December 


  • Post application for Authorized Providers 
  • Provide additional resources for implementation 
  • Issue formal call for pilot participants 
  • Publish Reading Practices survey 




  • Share initial scope and sequence for feedback 
  • Release screening process for Cohort Leaders 




  • Announce Authorized Providers 
  • Share updated content and scope and sequence updated after feedback 




  • Host Authorized Provider training in Austin 


All updated information will be posted on the Reading Practices site at 

Resources to support HB 3 Reading Practices 

  • Reading Practices website 
  • HB 3 in 30 video and PowerPoint (September 12, 2019) 
  • HB 3 Reading Practices FAQs 
  • HB 3 in 30 Reading Practices Updates (November 21, 2019) 



Please contact TEA with questions via email at or