Instructional Materials Quality Evaluation (IMQE) Pilot Rubric


Thursday, November 29, 2018


Instructional Materials Quality Evaluation (IMQE) Pilot Rubric


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Review ELAR instructional materials quality rubric and sign up for IMQE pilot

 The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is pleased to share the Instructional Materials Quality Evaluation (IMQE) pilot rubric.

This rubric will be used by highly-trained groups of Texas educators to evaluate instructional materials for English language arts and reading (ELAR) grades 3­–8 as part of the IMQE pilot. LEAs joining the pilot will receive access to this completed rubric in May 2019 for up to 45 grade level reviews of products submitted by publishers. Pilot applications are open through December 21, 2018.

LEAs not participating in the pilot are also welcome to use this resource as part of their local review processes, if they choose.

Rubric Development Background

The goal of the IMQE rubrics is to provide Texas educators with free, transparent, and user-friendly information about the quality of materials. All rubrics will be customized based on content area and grade band, and the ELAR rubric referenced above will be developed in three phases:

  1. Phase I – Early Draft of ELAR Rubric - TEA, in partnership with a third-party evaluator, developed a draft rubric specific to Texas and the TEKS. This rubric was initially shared with SBOE members, regional administrators and focus groups of Texas school districts in early October of 2018. The rubric was then sent out to multiple TEA email lists that included over 43,000 subscribers with a request for feedback.
  2. Phase II – Updated Draft of ELAR Rubric for IMQE Pilot – From all the individuals contacted during Phase I, TEA received feedback from more than 450 individuals. Upon reviewing all responses, TEA made enhancements to the draft rubric to incorporate trends in feedback from stakeholders. A sample of updates based on feedback is outlined in this memo. The IMQE pilot rubric will be used to complete quality reviews of ELAR 3­–8 materials during the IMQE pilot.
  3. Phase III – Final Draft of ELAR Rubric for Full IMP - The agency will conduct pilot reviews of ELAR 3–8 materials. Throughout this process, educators completing the evaluations, pilot districts, and pilot publishers will provide additional feedback on how the agency can further enhance the rubric to meet the needs of Texas educators. The agency will make final updates to the rubric before it is used to evaluate materials for the full Instructional Materials Portal. The updated, final rubric will be published in May of 2019. Reviews using this version will start in June of 2019 and will be completed and published on the official portal in November 2019. 

Throughout the development process, the rubric has been designed specifically to align to the new ELAR TEKS, and the percent TEKS coverage will be reflected in the review. Please contact with questions.

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