Lone Star Governance Exemplar Cohort, Inaugural Cohort - SY18/19

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July 17, 2018                                                                                      


Subject: Lone Star Governance Exemplar Cohort, Inaugural Cohort (SY18/19)

The Lone Star Governance (LSG) Exemplar Cohort is now accepting Letters of Interest for the Inaugural School Year 2018/2019 Cohort.

The LSG Exemplar Cohort is designed for high-performing local governing teams – school board members and their superintendents – that want to continue honing their intense focus on one primary objective: improving student outcomes.

LSG Exemplar Cohort (which is a year-long process, with the option of an extension to two years) includes:

  • Attendance at an LSG workshop with fellow cohort members;
  • Monthly board, board chair, superintendent, and staff implementation support;
  • Quarterly self-evaluation support;
  • All statutorily required board member trainings;
  • Support to earn a district-level distinction in exemplary governance on the A-F Report Card and Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR);
  • Early access to Lone Star Campus and Lone Star Restorative Discipline trainings; and
  • Collaborating with, learning from, and learning with other high performing governing teams.

All Independent School District and Charter governing teams are welcome to apply. From those applications, TEA will select no more than 12 governing teams to join the inaugural cohort.

See the attachment for submission directions. Please refer to http://tea.texas.gov/lsg/ for updates and further information.

Contact for Further Information:
If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Jeff Cottrill at (512) 936-1533 or email at lsg@tea.texas.gov.

Attachment — Letter of Interest: Inaugural Cohort - SY18/19