New Expenditure Code (Object 6491) for all Statutorily Required Public Notices

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May 1, 2018


Subject: New Expenditure Code (Object 6491) for all statutorily required public notices

During the 85th Legislative Session the Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill (SB) 622. SB 622 requires school districts to reflect in their proposed budget a line item specifically for expenditures to publish all statutorily required public notices in the newspaper by the school district or their representatives. The line item must provide a clear comparison of the budgeted expenditures and the actual expenditures for the same purpose in the prior year, as required under Texas Local Government Code §140.0045.

In response to the legislation, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) will add a new expenditure code (Object 6491- Statutorily Required Public Notices), soon, to the Financial Accountability System Resource Guide (FASRG) and to the Texas Student Data Systems (TSDS) Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS). Districts are required to use this new object code to track these expenditures. If you have any questions, contact the TEA Financial Compliance Division at 512-463-9095 or


David Marx
Director, Financial Compliance Division