Online Professional Development Modules for CTE TEKS Implementation

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August 3, 2017


SUBJECT: Online Professional Development Modules for CTE TEKS Implementation

The Texas Education Agency has developed 19 professional development modules to support the revised Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) that will be implemented beginning with the 2017-2018 school year.

The first module, “Implementation Overview,” describes the global changes to the Career and Technical Education (CTE) TEKS. This module is designed for anyone new to CTE.

The second module, “Administrators and Counselors,” is designed for administrators and counselors. This module focuses on areas of CTE TEKS revision that are important for planning programs and developing student graduation plans, especially in areas related to the Foundation High School program and endorsements.

The third module, “Career Development,” provides important content related to middle school career development courses, practicum and extended practicum courses, and career preparation and extended career preparation courses.

Finally, there are 16 additional modules, one specifically for each career cluster. These modules explain the TEKS design and structure, the rationale for course revisions, avenues for student endorsements, and information for implementation. The course titles are as follows:

  • Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications
  • Business Management and Administration
  • Education and Training
  • Finance
  • Government and Public Administration
  • Health Science
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Human Services
  • Information Technology
  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
  • Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

All modules are currently available on the Texas Gateway Please notify your CTE teachers, counselors, and directors of the availability of this new professional development for CTE and encourage them to complete the appropriate modules before school starts.

Questions regarding the Texas CTE professional development modules may be directed to