Process for Certification of 2020–2021 Indirect Cost Rates for Independent School Districts (ISDs) Only

Date:  April 23, 2020
Subject: Process for Certification of 2020–2021 Indirect Cost Rates for Independent School Districts (ISDs) Only
Category: Funding Implications and Pending Deadline
Next Steps:  ISDs to certify ICRPs by 5/29/2020 to receive indirect cost rates for use with 2020-2021 Grant Applications


The purpose of this letter is to inform independent school districts (ISDs) that TEA has uploaded the completed Indirect Cost Rate Proposals (ICRPs) in GFFC Reports and Data Collections. ISDs that requested an indirect cost rate must review, approve, and certify their ICRP data by May 29, 2020.

Reviewing, Approving, and Certifying the ICRP 

The ICRP is available in the secure GFFC Reports and Data Collections application, accessible through TEAL. To receive TEA’s calculated indirect cost rates, the ISD must review, approve, and certify its completed ICRP. 

Instructions for completing the ISD review/approval/certification process are available in the ICRP Certification Instructions posted on the Indirect Cost Rates webpage. The Certification Instructions describe the ICRP review process and provide a step-by-step on how to certify and submit the ICRP Certification. The certification serves as the ISD’s approval of the final restricted and unrestricted indirect cost rates for 2020–2021. 

Background Information

Process for Requesting Indirect Cost Rates for ISDs

Effective with school year 2018–2019, ISDs must request an indirect cost rate each year by completing and submitting the ICRP Additional Costs Workbook (ACW), as described in a To the Administrator Addressed letter of December 5, 2019. The deadline for submitting the workbook, and thus requesting indirect cost rates, was January 31, 2020. 

The submission of the ICRP ACW serves as an ISD’s request for indirect cost rates. Rates are calculated only for ISDs that submitted a completed ICRP ACW. TEA received ICRP ACWs from the majority of Texas ISDs. For ISDs that did not submit a completed ICRP ACW, TEA did not calculate and will not issue rates for the 2020–2021 school year. 

ACW and PEIMS Data

In completing an ICRP ACW, the ISD provided approximately 10% of the data required to complete the ICRP. TEA drew the remaining 90% of required ICRP data from the ISD’s certified Texas State Data System/Public Education Information Management System (TSDS/PEIMS) data. 

TEA populated the completed ICRP for each ISD that submitted an ICRP ACW by merging TSDS/PEIMS data with the ISD’s submitted ACW data. 


2020–2021 Indirect Cost Rates for ISDs Timeline

The following table lists the remaining steps in the indirect cost rate process. 





May 29, 2020

Due date for ISDs to submit ICRP Certifications in GFFC Reports and Data Collections, accessible through TEAL.

Next LEA step

July 1, 2020

TEA posts Indirect Cost Rate notification letters in GFFC Reports and Data Collections, accessible through TEAL2020–2021 indirect cost rates become effective.

Final step pending



Refer to the Indirect Cost Rates page of the TEA website for more information on indirect cost rates. 

If you have questions about the indirect cost rate process, please email