Texas Student Data System (TSDS) Weekly Crisis Code Report Final Submission

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February 8, 2018


Subject: Texas Student Data System (TSDS) Weekly Crisis Code Report Final Submission

Thank you for all your efforts in sending crisis code data to TEA each week. The final crisis code data will need to be submitted by March 9, 2018. Please be sure to have all students coded appropriately by that time. Crisis code data submitted through March 9th will be the official crisis code data used to inform stakeholders on student mobility and homelessness caused by Hurricane Harvey and, in conjunction with other information, for the purpose of accountability adjustments. Since the March 9th crisis code data is final, there is no longer a need to gather this information through agency use codes on STAAR assessment answer documents.

Local Education Agencies (LEAs) should use the following resources for guidance in coding students with the appropriate crisis code:

I realize sending crisis code data to TEA is one of many items on a long list that must be dealt with due to Harvey. However, for TEA and other organizations to make informed decisions, having accurate, reliable data is imperative. Please work with your Education Service Center, campus staff and parents to code students according to one of the three crisis code definitions.

Thank you again for all you are doing every day to recover from this devastating storm.



Mike Morath
Commissioner of Education