TPEIR Texas Education Report Resources

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February 21, 2019


TPEIR Texas Education Report Resources


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New reporting resources are now available to school districts, charter schools, parents, and the public.

The Texas P-16 Public Education Information Resource (TPEIR) website provides reporting resources and data on Texas educational topics and trends. These reports combine multiple data sources to produce useful information about Texas public school students from prekindergarten (PK) through college and into the workforce. Teacher certification and school district staff reports are also available.

New Early Learning Reports Available

In response to increased interest in early learning, TPEIR now provides reports on Texas public kindergarten programs and kindergarten readiness. PK reports are also available. A variety of information is provided for Texas public school kindergarten and PK programs at state, district, and school levels. To help determine the effectiveness of PK programs, new reports displaying results of PK beginning-of-year and end-of-year proficiency assessments are available.  Data downloads are also offered for those interested in a closer look at the data. 

Other TPEIR Website Reports

The early learning reports are in addition to established reports included on the TPEIR website. The state and district level Education Summary reports provide general information about districts and schools in an easy to understand format with illustrative charts and graphs. Other reports supply information on STAAR assessments, staff and teachers, high school graduation, SAT/ACT results, college enrollment, employment, and teacher certification.

Contact Information

Please visit the website and email comments or suggestions to  Contact Susann Wiener in the Division of Research and Analysis at 512-463-3636 with any questions.