Mental Health Resources: Funding

The following resources include funding opportunities that are available for schools to apply for related to mental health.  These resources can also assist schools to address mental health needs while recovering from Hurricane Harvey.  

Behavioral Health Collaborative Matching Grant Programs

Organization: Texas Health and Human Services Commission
Description: This time-sensitive primer provides an overview of behavioral health collaborative grant programs that arose from the 85th Texas Legislature. This funding targets support to community programs or collaboratives that provide mental health and/or behavioral health services for specific Texas populations. Appendix A in the primer offers a side-by-side comparison of each matching grant program, and Appendix B contains key definitions of entities and organizations to clarify eligibility requirements for applicants. 
Area(s): Statewide
Eligibility & Access: Collaborative programs and entities may apply.

To download a copy of the primer click on this link:

Texas Computer Educators Association 

Organization: Texas Computer Educators Association (TCEA)

Description: TCEA has indicated that they would like to help match schools and classrooms in need with schools who wish to help from throughout Texas. They are providing this link to help schools who have a need match up with schools who want to help.  If you have a need, please complete the form to allow other classrooms throughout the state to provide the assistance needed.

Area(s): Statewide

Eligibility & Access: Schools with needs

Contact / Link:

Contact Information

If you have questions or would like additional information please email:   

Office of Academics | Department of Special Populations
Division of Highly Mobile and At-Risk Student Programs
Texas Education Agency
1701 N. Congress Ave.
Austin, Texas 78701-1494