Summer Learning Framework

The purpose of this framework is to provide optional supports for districts and charter schools interested in planning and implementing a high-quality summer learning program. This framework includes several resources such as a step-by-step project plan to plan for summer 2023, budgeting guidance to sustainably fund your summer program with existing funding streams, and additional tools, templates, and district examples to support planning your local program.  

This framework has been developed by collecting helpful resources from districts and charter schools over recent years. Any feedback or additional resources that TEA can share should be sent to

A Note on Summer Curriculum: Summer program leaders should identify summer curriculum based on local needs. One option leaders can consider is leveraging the full-subject Tier one instructional materials they use during the regular school year for summer use. This may include completing an unfinished unit from the curriculum, implementing a summer-specific unit from the curriculum, implementing unit extension activities, or using another recommended approach from the curriculum designer. This prevents school districts from having to identify, purchase, and train teachers on a separate stand alone program.

The Summer Learning Workplan Tool is an optional planning tool designed to support districts and schools in an expedited planning process for summer learning programs. It can be downloaded and modified to best meet unique local needs.

Designing for High-Quality Summer Learning

Leading research about key program factors, including effective planning, teacher selection, use of time, student recruitment, and evidence-based recommendations for designing, staffing, and promoting your program. Planning should consider goals, curriculum, assessment, and evaluation.

Tools & Resources

District Examples

East Central ISD

Fort Worth ISD

Spring ISD

Student Recruitment

How to get students and families to sign up and show up. We'll explore critical components of successful student recruitment efforts grounded in your district or school vision for summer learning.

Staffing and PD Models

Students benefit the most from great instructors who are well prepared for their summer roles. Learn how to recruit, support, and continuously improve our academic and enrichment educators this summer.

Climate and Culture

Programs with engaged staff and a friendly climate have the highest levels of student attendance and satisfaction. Explore tips to ensure that your summer programs lead with clarity of purpose, consistency, warmth, and engagement to benefit students and families.

District Examples

Rochester City School District

Planning for Enrichment

High quality summer enrichment experiences help support students' academic and non-academic needs in exciting ways. Learn about how enrichment can support youth development and academic success with state and national resources and featured programs in Texas.

District Examples

Dallas ISD

Budgeting and Financial Planning

Identify key cost drivers for summer programming and hear how other districts approach budgeting for summer learning. This category will cover revenue sources such as Additional Days School Year, 21st Century Community Learning Centers, and other federal and state funding streams along with guidance on stacking multiple funding sources.

District Examples

Grand Prairie ISD

Master Scheduling

How do evidence-based summer learning principles translate into summer master scheduling? This category details best practices for summer scheduling and provides example schedules from districts across Texas implementing high quality, evidence-based summer learning programs.

District Examples

Snyder ISD

Bartlett ISD

Site Operations

Strong summer programs are grounded in strong site operations. This section provides guidance for operations coordination for summer learning - like transportation, lunch, facilities, etc. - so that the academic and enrichment pieces of your summer program are set up for success.