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The following information accompanies the downloadable text file at 2005-06 grade-level retention data.

DATA YEAR:  2005-06 
RECORDS:  15,824 

The Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) Data Standards provide definitions for PEIMS Element ID column entries.

Variable Description PEIMS Element ID
DIST_AAD District African American denominator E0005
DIST_AAN District African American numerator E0005
DIST_AAR District African American grade-level retention rate E0005
DIST_ALLD District all students denominator Not applicablea
DIST_ALLN District all students numerator Not applicable
DIST_ALLR District all students grade-level retention rate Not applicable
DIST_ASD District Asian/Pacific Islander denominator E0005
DIST_ASN District Asian/Pacific Islander numerator E0005
DIST_ASR District Asian/Pacific Islander grade-level retention rate E0005
DIST_ATRD District at risk denominator E0919
DIST_ATRN District at risk numerator E0919
DIST_ATRR District at risk grade-level retention rate E0919
DIST_BED District bilingual or English as a second language (ESL) denominator E0032, E0800
DIST_BEN District bilingual or English as a second language (ESL) numerator E0032, E0800
DIST_BER District bilingual or English as a second language (ESL) grade-level retention rate E0032, E0800
DIST_CTED District career and technical education denominator E0031
DIST_CTEN District career and technical education numerator E0031
DIST_CTER District career and technical education grade-level retention rate E0031
DIST_ECND District economically disadvantaged denominator E0785
DIST_ECNN District economically disadvantaged numerator E0785
DIST_ECNR District economically disadvantaged grade-level retention rate E0785
DIST_FEMD District female denominator E0004
DIST_FEMN District female numerator E0004
DIST_FEMR District female grade-level retention rate E0004
DIST_GFTD District gifted and talented denominator E0034
DIST_GFTN District gifted and talented numerator E0034
DIST_GFTR District gifted and talented grade-level retention rate E0034
DIST_HSD District Hispanic denominator E0005
DIST_HSN District Hispanic numerator E0005
DIST_HSR District Hispanic grade-level retention rate E0005
DIST_IMMD District immigrant denominator E0797
DIST_IMMN District immigrant numerator E0797
DIST_IMMR District immigrant grade-level retention rate E0797
DIST_LEPD District limited English proficient (LEP) denominator E0790
DIST_LEPN District limited English proficient (LEP) numerator E0790
DIST_LEPR District limited English proficient (LEP) grade-level retention rate E0790
DIST_MALD District male denominator E0004
DIST_MALN District male numerator E0004
DIST_MALR District male grade-level retention rate E0004
DIST_MIGD District migrant denominator E0984
DIST_MIGN District migrant numerator E0984
DIST_MIGR District migrant grade-level retention rate E0984
DIST_NAD District Native American denominator E0005
DIST_NAN District Native American numerator E0005
DIST_NAR District Native American grade-level retention rate E0005
DIST_OVRD District overage denominator Not applicable
DIST_OVRN District overage numerator Not applicable
DIST_OVRR District overage grade-level retention rate Not applicable
DIST_SPED District special education denominator E0794
DIST_SPEN District special education numerator E0794
DIST_SPER District special education grade-level retention rate E0794
DIST_TTLD District Title I denominator E0894
DIST_TTLN District Title I numerator E0894
DIST_TTLR District Title I grade-level retention rate E0894
DIST_WHD District White denominator E0005
DIST_WHN District White numerator E0005
DIST_WHR District White grade-level retention rate E0005
CNTYNAME County name Not applicable
COUNTY County number Not applicable
DISTNAME District name Not applicable
DISTRICTb District number Not applicable
GRADE Grades kindergarten (KG)- 12 and total (AG) Not applicable
REGION Region number Not applicable
REGNNAME Region name Not applicable

aNot defined in PEIMS. Please see the grade-level retention reports for information on variables not defined in PEIMS and for other information related to the calculation of retention rates.
bIf a six-digit district number or nine-digit campus number begins with zeros, the leading zeros will not be maintained in the downloaded file.

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