Adoption Resources for ESCs

This page contains information for education service centers (ESCs) regarding their role in the review, adoption, and distribution of state-adopted instructional materials.

Requirements of ESCs

  • Designate the person who will supervise the sample materials and publish a news release notifying area districts about the availability of materials
  • Provide in-person public access to adopted instructional materials upon request
  • Provide public access to materials under consideration for adoption by the State Board of Education
  • Notify TEA of any irregularities of missing information in pre- and post-adoption samples and correlation documents


Adoption Cycle for Foundation and Enrichment Subjects (PDF)
Currently Adopted Instructional Materials (PDF)
Publisher & Depository Contact Information (PDF)
ESC Contact Information (PDF)
Proclamation 2020 (Amended 11-16-2018) (PDF)
Proclamation 2020 Report on Interoperability and Ease of Use (PDF)
Proclamation 2021 (Amended 1-31-2020) (PDF)
Proclamation 2021 Report on Interoperability and Ease of Use (PDF)
Proclamation 2022 (Amended April 2021) (PDF)
Proclamation 2022 Report on Interoperability and Ease of Use (PDF)

Instructional Materials Requirements for Education Service Centers Webinar—March 5, 2020

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Adopted materials must be viewed in person at TEA or one of the 20 ESCs. Materials under consideration may be viewed online on the TEA website, on one of the 20 ESCs' websites, or in person at TEA or one of the 20 ESCs. All samples for materials adopted prior to Proclamation 2014 are available in their final format—print or digital. All samples for materials adopted in Proclamation 2014 or later are only available as digital samples. Samples remain available for the duration of their adoption.

The document below outlines the status of samples for each subject area.

Pre- and Post-Adoption Sample Status (PDF)

Adopted Materials

SBOE-Adopted Proclamation 2014 Materials (PDF)
SBOE-Adopted Proclamation 2015 Materials (PDF)
SBOE-Adopted Proclamation 2017 Materials (PDF)
SBOE-Adopted Proclamation 2018 Materials (PDF)
SBOE-Adopted Proclamation 2019 Materials (PDF)
SBOE-Adopted Proclamation 2020 Materials (PDF)
SBOE-Adopted Proclamation 2021 Materials (PDF)

Important Dates

The following is a list of important dates for ESC instructional materials staff.

  • Monday, November 1, 2021--Official written comments and alleged factual errors from Texas residents concerning materials under consideration are due to TEA.
  • November 2021—SBOE takes action on materials under consideration for adoption under Proclamation 2022.
  • Monday, March 28, 2022—Final versions of adopted Proclamation 2022 materials are due to each ESC.

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