Amending an Application

After a grant recipient receives a Notice of Grant Award for an approved application, the grantee may realize a need to make modifications to planned allowable activities or estimated budget costs. Some changes are within the grantee’s power to make without seeking TEA approval. Other changes, however, require the grantee to amend the approved grant application and receive approval of the changes.

When Is an Amendment Necessary?

To determine whether a planned change to the grant program requires an amendment to the application, please refer to the following guidance document, When to Amend the Application.

When to Amend the Application

Be sure to regularly visit the grant's Request for Application (RFA) page on TEA Grant Opportunities, as well as Universal Errata, for any errata that might affect grant requirements.

How to Amend an Application

The amendment process is fully described in the Amending the Application section of the General and Fiscal Guidelines. All amendments are subject to negotiation and must adhere to the guidelines, regulations, provisions, and assurances of the grant program. Once the review process is complete and the amendment has been approved, a new Notice of Grant Award (NOGA) will be awarded.

Last Amendment Due Date: Amendments must be submitted to TEA by the Last Amendment Due Date listed on the TEA Grant Opportunities page for that grant. Grantees are responsible for meeting all listed deadlines.

Amending an eGrants Application

Sign in at TEA Login to access the eGrants system. Navigate to the grant application, then click Amend to start the draft. Update any necessary schedules, including GS2900 Purpose of Amendment.

To Submit an eGrants Amendment: To submit the amendment, a grantee official must Certify and Submit it electronically on the GS2000 page in the eGrants system.

Amending a PDF Grant Application

Amendments for PDF grants follow the same submission procedure required for original applications, with additional fields or sections specific to the amendment and/or its purpose that must be completed in Application Part 1 and 2. If the original PDF application cannot be adapted for the amendment, complete a new Part 1 and Part 2 from the grant’s Request for Application (RFA) page on the TEA Grant Opportunities page, including any sections that reference amendments.

To submit a PDF Grant Amendment:

PDF Grant Type Email Parts 1 and 2 to:
Noncompetitive PDF
Competitive PDF
Letter of Interest (LOI) PDF

Need Assistance?

For assistance with amendments, contact the grant negotiator for your region.

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