2015-2016 Data Standards

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The PEIMS data reporting requirements:

  • Provide descriptions of data elements and the codes used to report them;
  • Describe the responsibilities of school districts, education service centers, and the Texas Education Agency in connection with the data submission process; and
  • Provide descriptions of the data submission requirements, including submission record layout specifications and data edit specifications.

2015-2016 Post-Addendum Version

The 2015-2016 Post-Addendum Version PEIMS data standards consist of Sections 1 through 5 and Appendices A through G.

Section 1: Data Submission Responsibilities and Specifications (Word, 236 KB)
This section provides a general description of PEIMS. It specifies the as-of and due dates for the four data submissions. It also includes a discussion of the various responsibilities of the school districts, education service centers, and the Texas Education Agency.

Section 2: Data Submission Requirements (Word, 5134 KB) 
This section includes a description of each record type, the various record layouts, and reporting examples.

Section 3: Description of Data Elements (Word, 1489 KB) 
This section provides an explanation of the information on each data element page, an alphabetical list of the data elements, and a detailed description of each data element.

Section 4: Description of Codes (Word, 4009 KB) 
This section provides an explanation of the information on each code table page, an alphabetical list of the code tables, and a listing of the codes and translations by table. For convenience, C022 (SERVICE-ID) is provided in a separate document:

  Code Table C022  (Word, 158 KB)

Section 5: Edits (Word, 3519 KB) 
This section provides the record type data element field edits and context edits. Additional edits to check for the reasonableness of the data have been included. There are three types of edits: fatal errors, special warning errors, and warning errors.  

Appendix A: Data Overview (Word, 38 KB) 
This appendix provides a view, by category, of the data to be collected.

Appendix B: Data Elements by Record Type (Word, 361 KB) 
This appendix provides a detailed view of the data to be collected. Included is a detailed list of the required data elements arranged by the four major data categories: organization, finance, students, and staff.

Appendix C: Cross-Reference Table (Word, 321 KB)
This appendix is a listing of the data elements and corresponding or applicable code tables.

Appendix D: Leaver Reason Codes and Documentation Standards (Word, 94 KB)
This appendix contains an expanded definition and specific guidelines on acceptable documentation for each of the leaver reason codes.

Appendix E: Additional Information Related to Discipline (Word, 390 KB) 
This appendix describes in greater detail the requirements of TEA Chapter 37 of Discipline Management and the definitions of discipline action reason.

Appendix F: Federal Requirements for Ethnicity and Race Data Collection and Reporting (Word, 91 KB)
This appendix describes in detail the federal reporting requirements for Ethnicity and Race information.

Appendix G: PID Enrollment Tracking (PET) Guidelines (Word, 366 KB) 
This appendix provides details of PID Enrollment Tracking (PET).

Change Documents

The following files illustrate changes in the PEIMS Data Standards.

Section 2  chgdoc2.doc (Word, 212 KB)     

Section 3  chgdoc3.doc (Word, 109 KB)      

Section 4  chgdoc4.doc (Word, 157 KB)   

Section 5  chgdoc5.doc (Word, 533 KB)

  Post-Addendum Change Log.doc (Word, 38K)


What Are Texas Education Data Standards?

Texas Education Data Standards (TEDS) are XML-based standards for Texas Student Data System (TSDS) and TSDS PEIMS data collections. TEDS includes all data elements, code tables, business rules, and data validations needed to load local education agency (LEA—Texas school district or charter school) education data. For more information on how PEIMS is changing, see What's New with PEIMS?

Compatible Software Systems: As TSDS is implemented across Texas, this page will list software that has demonstrated compatibility with one or more TSDS subsystems, as verified to TEA by at least one local education agency (LEA—Texas public school district or charter school).

To contact PEIMS Customer Support, please call (512) 463-9229, or email PeimsCustomerSupport@tea.texas.gov.