The following resources are provided to assist users as they administer the FitnessGram® physical fitness assessment and enter and upload data to the Texas Education Agency using FitnessGram® software or the Physical Fitness Assessment Initiative (PFAI) application. The sections listed below can be easily reproduced to create your own desk-top procedures manual.

The following links are for resources for administering and reporting data related to the FitnessGram® physical fitness assessment.

Administering the FitnessGram® Physical Fitness Assessment

Law/Regulations  - related to the physical fitness requirement

Testing Information/Standards  - administering the FitnessGram® physical fitness assessment

Exemptions – Students with Special Needs - administering the FitnessGram® physical fitness assessment  with students with special needs

Reporting Physical Fitness Assessment Data

Uploading Data in the PFAI Application in TEAL - PFAI application users only

Training videos - available from The Cooper Institute for FitnessGram® software users


Frequently Asked Questions  (coming soon)

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