Restorative Practices Made Simple: Families as Partners

Dr. Gaye Lang's brand new series, Restorative Practices Made Simple: Families as Partners is a video series dedicated to empowering parents with the tools needed for effective communication and restorative practices at home. This series is designed to align home environments with the restorative approaches taught in schools, ensuring a consistent and supportive experience for children. It focuses on providing parents with resources and strategies to foster better understanding and relationships with their children, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between families and educational institutions.

1: After-School Professional Development

January 17, 2024 — Episode 1 centers on "After-School Professional Development" featuring Jake Shirley's experience with implementing restorative practices in Athens ISD. The video outlines how these practices have led to a reduction in discipline issues and increased parental involvement in behavioral management. It explains the concept of "code-switching," where students adapt their behavior between school and home. Additionally, it highlights the importance of bilingual training and "I-Messaging" in fostering a cohesive learning environment. The video serves as a practical guide for educators, parents, and administrators interested in adopting these practices. 

2: Family Connections

February 7, 2024 — Episode 2 dives into "Family Connections" featuring Jennifer McCready, counselor and restorative practices coordinator. Through compelling stories from both the DAEP and the Early Excellence Pre-K Center, Jennifer shares how these practices bridge communication gaps within families, enhance student behavior, and foster community building. The episode showcases real-life examples of how restorative practices empower students and parents alike, making a significant impact on family dynamics and educational environments. 

3: COSA and its Impact on Families

March 8, 2024 — Episode 3 explores the Circle of Support and Accountability (COSA) and its transformative effect on students and families. Guest Christine DeLeon shares a heartwarming story of how COSA facilitated a smooth transition for a student moving to a new school, combating anxiety and fostering a supportive environment. This episode illustrates the power of community, empathy, and structured support in nurturing student success and parental peace of mind, demonstrating COSA's profound impact on family dynamics and educational experiences.

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How you phrase redirection and correction is a vital aspect of correcting and changing behavior. This is the 3rd leg of the "3 legged stool" of restorative discipline practices.