(REVISED) Tuition Limits under the TEC, §25.0031

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October 16, 2017

To the Administrator Addressed:

Subject: (REVISED) Tuition Limits under the TEC, §25.0031  

We are writing to inform you of a guidance change related to Texas Education Agency Correspondence letter “Tuition Limits under the TEC, §25.0031” posted May 24, 2017. Senate Bill 453, passed during the 83rd Texas Legislature, added §25.0031 to the Texas Education Code (TEC). The new section requires a district or charter school to accept tuition from a student who is required to pay tuition as a condition of holding a visa. Districts and charter schools may not charge more than the commissioner-determined tuition without permission from the commissioner. The guidance change modifies the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) ADA eligibility code(s) to be used for these students.

Tuition Limits
The attached spreadsheet shows the tuition limit for each district and charter school for the 2017 – 2018 school year. The tuition limit under §25.0031 is defined as the sum of state aid under Tiers I and II of the Foundation School Program; Additional State Aid for Tax Reduction under the TEC, §42.2516; total maintenance and operations tax collections; total interest and sinking fund tax collections; and the state shares of the Existing Debt Allotment and Instructional Facilities Allotment programs, all divided by total enrollment. Legislative payment estimate (LPE) data related to the 2016–2017 Summary of Finances are used for the 2017–2018 tuition limit.

PEIMS Eligibility Code Change
Your district should use PEIMS ADA eligibility code 4, 5 or 8 for these students since students charged tuition under this section may not be counted in average daily attendance (ADA) for state funding purposes. Upon internal review, it was determined eligibility code 0 (the number referenced in the original May 24, 2017 Correspondence letter) is incorrect.

Be advised, these students will impact Accountability calculations since they are in membership and receiving instruction.

If you have questions about the calculation, please contact Pablo Reyes at (512) 463-9294 or pablo.reyes@tea.texas.gov.


Al McKenzie
Director of State Funding

2017–2018 Tuition Limit for Students on F1 Visas (Excel, 221KB)
2017–2018 Tuition Limit for Students on F1 Visas (PDF, 668KB)