House Bill 1605 SBOE Meeting Resources

State Board of Education (SBOE) and House Bill (HB 1605) documents, presentations, and webinars will be posted here for reference. Additional information about upcoming meetings, public hearings, and previous meeting minutes, can be found on the SBOE’s web page.

Web pages and communications will be updated as much as possible as the SBOE completes rulemaking procedures for the Instructional Materials Review and Approval (IMRA) process. However, complete edits cannot be made to some of these resources until the SBOE rulemaking procedures for the IMRA process have ended.

IMRA Quality Rubrics

The SBOE approved quality IMRA rubrics for K–3 and 4–8 English language arts and reading, K–3 and 4–6 Spanish language arts and reading, and K–12 mathematics at the January–February meeting. These rubrics will be used to evaluate instructional materials submissions for the inaugural IMRA review cycle:

SBOE Suitability Rubric

The SBOE, not TEA, created and approved an IMRA suitability rubric at the January–February meeting:

IMRA Process

This flowchart describes the phases and the roles and responsibilities of the SBOE, TEA, education service centers (ESCs), and vendors and publishers in the IMRA process:

Proposed Chapter 67 Rules

Proposed New 19 TAC Chapter 67, State Review and Approval of Instructional Materials, Subchapter B, State Review and Approval, §67.21, Proclamations, Public Notice, and Requests for Instructional Materials for Review; §67.23, Requirements for Publisher Participation in Instructional Materials Review and Approval (IMRA); and §67.25, Consideration and Approval of Instructional Materials by the State Board of Education, and Subchapter D, Duties of Publishers and Manufacturers, §67.81, Instructional Materials Contracts, and §67.83, Publisher Parent Portal

First Reading and Filing Authorization: December 2023 SBOE meeting

Public Comment Period: December 29, 2023–5 p.m., January 29, 2024

Second Reading and Final Adoption: January–February 2024 SBOE meeting

Proposed Effective Date: 20 days after filing as adopted with the Texas Register

Summary: The proposed new rules would implement HB 1605, 88th Texas Legislature, Regular Session, 2023, by defining the criteria to be used in the review and approval of instructional materials by the SBOE and the TEA; defining requirements for publisher participation in the instructional materials review and approval process; and establishing rules for the annual request for instructional materials for review and future proclamations, contracts for instructional materials, and criteria for publishers required to host parent portals. The rule text on this page reflects what was approved for first reading by the SBOE. Rule actions will remain on this page until approved for second reading by the SBOE and filed as adopted with the Texas Register. The final rule text as approved by the SBOE in the January–February meeting is expected to be posted to the Texas Register in early March of 2024.  


Webinars and Work Sessions