Proclamation 2019

Proclamation 2019 (Amended 4-13-2018) (PDF)

The State Board of Education (SBOE) issued Proclamation 2019 at its April 2017 meeting. Instructional materials were adopted in November 2018 for English language arts and reading, grades K–8; Spanish language arts and reading, grades K–5; handwriting (English and Spanish), grades K–5; spelling (English), grades 1–6; and Personal Financial Literacy. The adopted materials are scheduled to go into classrooms in the 2019–20 school year.  

Below are links to Proclamation 2019 important documents:

Proclamation 2019 List of Instructional Materials Adopted by the State Board of Education (PDF)
Proclamation 2019 Publishers with Materials Adopted by the State Board of Education (PDF)
Proclamation 2019 TEKS Not Addressed in Adopted Instructional Materials (PDF)
Proclamation 2019 New Content Reviewed and Approved by the State Review Panel (PDF)
Proclamation 2019 Report on Interoperability and Ease of Use (PDF)

Publishers were given the opportunity to provide new content and/or new citations to improve the official Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) percentage of adopted products. State review panels (SRPs) met in July 2020 to review updated English and Spanish language arts and reading materials, grades K–5 and Personal Financial Literacy materials originally adopted under Proclamation 2019. The following reports from the July 2020 SRP meetings were provided to the SBOE at the September 2020 meeting:

This report lists the previous TEKS coverage percentages and the potentially new percentages for the updated materials.
Summer 2020 TEKS Update Report (PDF)

This report lists new content and editorial changes to be included in updated materials.  
Summer 2020 TEKS update—Report of Editorial Changes (PDF)

This report lists SRP comments from the July 2020 meeting and the publishers’ responses.
Summer 2020 TEKS update—Comments Report (PDF)

This report lists errors identified by either the publisher or the state review panel after being reviewed at the July 2020 SRP meeting The report includes how the publisher intends to correct the error. The corrections are to be made in the final updated versions provided to schools as a condition of adoption by the State Board of Education.
Summer 2020 TEKS update—Report of Required Corrections (PDF)


The following reports were provided to the SBOE at its September 2018 meeting:

Proclamation 2019 Report of Required Corrections (PDF) 
Proclamation 2019 Editorial Changes (PDF)
Proclamation 2019 State Review Panel Comments (PDF) 

The following reports were provided to the SBOE at its November 2018 meeting:

The following addendum report was provided to TEA from Pearson Education, Inc. in April 2019:


Important documents specific to publishers can be found on the Publisher Portal.


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