Getting Started

Administrator with teacher and students in classroom

Attend a Webinar

This webinar provides an overview of the structure of local accountability plans, introduces plan requirements, illustrates how districts may create plans based on existing priorities, and shows how state and local accountability ratings are combined and displayed on TEA websites.

Participants have the opportunity to learn how measures are used to set campus rating scales using current baseline data and develop an understanding of the purpose of local accountability plans. Time will also be allotted for participant questions.

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Discuss as a District

Most districts use existing priorities and needs that have been identified through formal and informal planning. These priorities could be based on student academic outcomes, school climate surveys, instructional walk-throughs, and many other possible options. The goal is to create a robust and well-balanced plan that allows for growth over a three to five-year period.

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Complete a Notice of Interest (NOI)

The NOI serves as an introduction and will result in an initial meeting with TEA staff.

The NOI collects information about district thoughts and goals related to creating a local accountability plan. It is non-binding and districts may choose which accountability year to apply the approved plan.  

District staff will work collaboratively with TEA to create a district local accountability plan. The timeline is customized for each district.

The plan development process may encompass several months to a year (monthly or bi-monthly calls) based on the availability of baseline data and district decisions for selecting an implementation year.

Complete a Notice of Interest