Monitor / Conservator Appointments

What is a Monitor / Conservator? 

Texas Education Code (TEC) 39A.002 gives the Commissioner of Education many options to remedy school district issues, including appointing an agency monitor to participate in and report to the agency on the activities of the board of trustees of the district or superintendent or appointing a conservator to oversee the operations of the district.

A commissioner appointed monitor will support, coach and recommend specific actions to improve the district in the area of deficiency and report to the agency on the progress the district is making to correct the issue(s).  

A commissioner appointed conservator has the same role of the monitor but also has the authority to direct an action of the board of trustees, superintendent and/or campus principals. A conservator may also approve or disapprove of an action taken by the board of trustees, superintendent and/or campus principals.

When is a Monitor / Conservator appointed? 

The education commissioner may appoint a monitor or conservator if a school district or charter school fails to satisfy accreditation criteria, academic performance standards, or financial accountability standards, or on the basis of a special investigation. 

What is the job of a Monitor / Conservator? 

Monitors and Conservators support, coach and recommend/direct actions of a school district to improve the area of deficiency in which they were appointed. The job of a monitor or conservator is to oversee the school district in correcting any identified deficiencies and ensure sustainable systems are developed and operating for future success.  

What is the process for appointing a Monitor or Conservator? 

The Texas Education Agency seeks qualified monitors and conservators on a continuous basis through its Monitor/Conservator application process. When the need arises, the Texas Education Agency’s Commissioner of Education reviews the pool of qualified Monitors/Conservators to find the best fit for the district, including but not limited to subject matter expertise, geographic distance from the person’s residence to the assigned district, availability/time commitment and any real or perceived conflict(s) of interest.  

How long is a Monitor or Conservator in place? 

Monitor placements occur largely based on directed or agreed corrective action plans. The monitor placement continues until all corrective actions have been completed and evidence of sustainable has been collected.  

Conservator placements are reviewed at least every 90 days to ensure the placement is necessary for effective governance of the school district or delivery of instructional services.