IMRA 2024 Cycle Reviewers Needed

IMRA Reviewers Wanted


The 2024 Instructional Materials Review and Approval (IMRA) cycle is now open for applications. TEA encourages interested applicants to apply today! Reviewers will receive compensation and a continuing professional education (CPE) credit certificate.

Who Can Serve as an IMRA Reviewer?

TEA will identify applicants with direct experience in the grade level(s)/course:

The following applicant qualifications are preferred: 

  • A public school teacher, current, former, or retired, with at least five years of classroom experience.
  • Has at least a master’s degree or at least five years of professional experience in the subject area.
  • Is a professor at an accredited institution of higher education in Texas.

The following applicant qualifications are the minimum requirements: 

  • Teachers with three or more years of experience.
  • District/campus personnel who have taught and/or directly supported the grade level(s)/course or subject area for at least three years.
  • Adjunct professor at an accredited institution of higher education in Texas for at least three years.
  • Persons with evidence of strong content knowledge and experience in the subject and/or grade level or bands and/or course(s).

What is the Time Commitment for a Reviewer?

The review period will run from May to August 2024, with the bulk of the work occurring from mid-May to mid-August. Reviewers are expected to devote an average of 40 hours per week to the review process. 

Those selected as Lead Reviewers will have additional time commitments commensurate with the expectations of that role.

Reviewers will receive a CPE credit certificate and participate in high-quality, collaborative, and rewarding professional development. They will also earn stipends:

  • $750 for attending mandatory training and completing all related tasks
  • $3,250–$5,250 for finishing the review process for a set of instructional materials*
  • $1,000 extra for taking on and fulfilling a Lead-Review role successfully

*Stipend amounts may differ depending on the content areas and may be adjusted for reviewers who evaluate products with less than three grade levels.

For more information on reviewer requirements, see the To the Administrator Addressed Correspondence, "IMRA Update and Reviewer Recruitment" from February 15, 2024.